A: As elderly persons are more vulnerable to viruses than the general population, we are attempting to reasonably limit the risk by taking the following actions:

  • Taking temperature readings of all staff members, medical personnel, vendors, and visitors entering the community and asking them to verify that they have not had symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19
  • Taking daily temperature readings of all residents and monitoring them for any COVID-19 symptoms
  • Encouraging residents to practice “social distancing” by not having group gatherings
  • Disinfecting our building daily including all high-touch areas
  • Posting signs at our main entrance alerting guests and visitors that they may NOT visit if they are having Coronavirus-related symptoms including fever, coughing, and shortness of breath
  • Educating our staff and residents about methods to limit transmission of viruses

A: Yes, we are open for seniors and families looking for an assisted living home.  To protect our residents, potential residents, and our employees from exposure to COViD-19, we are testing new residents prior to move-in.

If a potential resident initially tests POSITIVE, they will be requested to maintain a consecutive 14-day self-isolation at their current location. Retesting will occur after the 14-day consecutive self-isolation to determine admission eligibility.

If a potential resident initially tests NEGATIVE, they would be admitted and required to maintain a consecutive 72-hour self-isolation period within the community. During which time the community will monitor for symptoms consistent with COVID-19, including twice daily temperature readings and recording.

  • If after the initial 72-hours they remain free of all symptoms, they will be re-tested.  If the second test is also NEGATIVE, they will be allowed to join the general population within the community without restrictions. OR
  • If a potential resident initially tested NEGATIVE, but during the consecutive 72-hour self-isolation period they develop symptoms, or if their second test results are POSITIVE, they will be required to maintain a consecutive 14-day self-isolation from date of the positive test result.

A: Yes, we are committed to keeping our residents engaged and in contact with their loved ones as best as possible during COViD-19.  Family members are able to schedule one-on-one, social-distanced visits with our residents.

Our community’s visit protocol:

  • Visits will be held outside on the front patio of our community and will be supervised by a Family Choice staff member to ensure the resident’s safety
  • No visitors will be allowed inside the community at any time
  • Residents and visitors will not be allowed to make physical contact and must remain at a distance of no less than 6 feet apart at all times
  • Every visitor, resident, and Family Choice staff member must wear a mask covering their nose and mouth and gloves on both hands during the visit