Splendor Oaks Senior Living Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike a hospital-like environment, the Splendor Oaks Senior Living offers cozy and comfortable care at home.  It’s the closest experience to being at home, but better.

In addition, our staff-to-resident ratio is way higher than big box facilities (1:3 staff-to-residents vs 1:18 staff-to-resents).  This improves the quality of care for our residents.  With higher staff attention, we reduce fall risks and increase the amount of time available for personal care.

Finally, a semi-private room in nursing homes costs about $7,000 per month.  Some big box facilities are even higher.  Cost do add up with rarely used amenities such as entertainment, beverages, etc.!  At the Splendor Oaks Senior Living, we cover the cost of food, care, and medication management.  Our prices remain fixed, unlike other assisted living billing concepts.

We have designated smoking areas outside the homes.  Our spacious backyards have chairs and tables for seniors to enjoy the scenic and quiet view.  We do not allow smoking inside the homes.  Smoking would not be healthy but we respect residents’ rights.

We would first consult with the family to find out their needs.  We would assess the resident’s level of care.  We then discuss the plan for taking great of the residents.  We ask the family to fill out a physician’s report (From 602) to expedite the admission process.  The form can be found at  California Department of Social Services.  The form will have to be completed by the Primary Physician.  It entails but not limited to patient’s medical history, physical examination, medication management, and current physical health status.

Unlike nursing homes near me or nursing facilities near me, we do not have skilled nurses on-site.  Skilled nursing is considered a medical setting, for individuals who need medical support such as rehabilitation, daily therapy, IV medication, or artificial respiration.  The time frame is short-term before individuals are discharged back to home or relocated to a long-term independent living facility.  Cost for skilled nursing homes near me is generally higher because of the round-the-clock medical care.  One can check out the differences here.

As for assisted living in a residential setting like us, we are well-trained caregivers, providing senior assisted living.  We pride ourselves in top quality care for elderly home near me.

Our base is $4,000/month, plus the level of care.  We encourage you to take a tour of our facilities.  We’d love to impress you with what we have to offer.